Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Spring Delights

Spring is well and truly here with birds active everywhere, building nests and feeding. A few recent sightings here....
The Heyfield Wetlands added a new lagoon which promptly filled up with Spring rains. The bare mudflats provided a great location for a pair of Black-fronted Dotterels. Getting close enough for a decent shot, even with a 500m lens, called for some commando crawling but getting wet was a small price to pay for this shot.
This Restless Flycatcher has been visiting for the last 2-3 Springs but we've yet to find this year's nest.
Jacky Winters are regulars here but hard to get close to. This one seemed to be just resting in the Sun.
Spotted Pardalotes return to build their nests in tiny tree hollows or even tunnels in dirt banks or the side of wombat holes.

Mother Nature is busy all over with Spring growth bringing freshness and energy to all parts of the landscape.
Daffodil Farm at Ellinbank
Daffodil farm at Ellinbank.
The line of trees caught my eye in an otherwise monocultural farmland near The Knob Reserve at Stratford.
A cloudy Spring has limited my astronomy but I caught this nightscape of an old boiler and the Milky Way on Heyfield Station looking towards the lights of Sale

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  1. Like your milky way shot! Well done with the Dotterel too. I recently had some success photographing Black-fronted Dotterels from the comfort of the car after years of taking distant blurry shots.